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Offer terms
For United Kingdom Cardmembers
Offer available to UK Cardmembers. Save this offer to your Card to get a £50 statement credit when you spend a £150 or more on your connected Card at americanexpress.co.uk/travel before 11:59 (GMT in the UK) on 18 December 2014.
  • Offer only applies to prepaid hotels, flights, car hire and experiences booked through americanexpress.co.uk/travel and cannot be combined with other offers. This offer is not applicable to Fine Hotels and Resorts reservations which are paid directly to the hotel upon check out.
  • You must connect your American Express Card to TripAdvisor to be eligible to save and redeem this offer.
  • Only one £50 statement credit per connected Card.
  • Your Card must remain connected until the statement credit is applied*.
  • Statement credit may be reversed if the qualifying transaction is refunded or cancelled*.
  • Corporate and prepaid Cards are not eligible
  • Your TripAdvisor Programme Terms & Conditions apply to this connected Card offer - check them for full details about connected Card offers and statement credits.
*Statement credits will appear on your American Express billing statement within ninety days after the end of the applicable offer period, provided that we receive information about the Qualifying Transactions. Statement credit may be reversed if a Qualifying Transaction is returned/cancelled. Statement credits are not eligible for rewards points/cashback.
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