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Luggala (Fancy Mountain) via East Gully

A short challenging hike up a well know Wicklow mountain, taking in some fantastic views of Lough Tay.
Rating: 4 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 5.406 miles
Duration: Half day

Overview :  Parking is along the side of the road at the large iron gates just off the R759.

Cross the road and "squeeze" through the... more »

Tips:  Gaiters! The trails on Luggala are quite eroded and very boggy in places.

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Points of Interest

1. Looking into the Valley

As you follow a small road down into the valley, you will get great view of knocknacloghoge (The mountain on the right of this picture).

You will also get a great view of the East face of Luggala, which is where you will ascend East Gully.

2. The Stile

Small Stile and gate provide access to Luggala. Having crossed the Stile you want to turn hard right. You will cross a flat green field before you meet the river.

Follow the river from here as far as Lough Tay where you will veer off towards East Gully.

3. The river mouth and Lough Tay

4. The South East face of Fancy Mountain

Picture looking directly at East Gully. The rocks and crags to the right of this picture are to be avoided, as they require ropes.

East Gully is slightly to the left of this picture, where a clear line of boulders can be seen.

5. The start of the climb

I have rather crudely drawn a line on this picture showing the route up.

At the point where the line splits, you need to choose which route to take. We took the route on the right, which has some very easy scrambling to the top.

Another group out the same day, and having talked to them the alternative route to the left is much the same.

There ... More

6. Looking back down

Quite steep in places, certainly a good challenge for people who enjoy steep terrain without full on scrambling.

7. Summit

The summit of Luggala is a little unimpressive mainly due to the fact that the top of the mountain is badly eroded.

The top of very boggy so make sure you have your gaiters on.

8. Taking a bearing for the return

We made a small error here and did not stick to our bearing from the summit. As a result we had to make a hard left to get back onto the trail down, as we were basically heading more towards knocknacloghoge. (I have however corrected this in the GPX file)

Taking a bearing towards the farmhouse in the valley from the summit and following the ridge... More

9. The old village

A lot of visitors to Luggala miss this, but I would highly recommend a visit. I'm not too up to date on when this village was abandoned, but I know the former inhabitants used to work the very old fields you can see cut into the surrounding mountains.

There is a nice forest to eat lunch, but please note this is private land so do not litter etc.