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Secret Canyon - Sedona Arizona

10 mile trail near Sedona, Arizona
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 9.6 miles
Duration: Full day

Overview :  Secret Canyon, Sedona is about 10 miles long and located near Sedona, Arizona. The trail is great for hiking and normally takes a full... more »

Tips:  Bug spray. Chalk to mark your route, or build markers to add to what others have done. This helped us a couple times, because as we... more »

Protect sensitive gear (cameras, binoculars, phones), as there is a lot of DUST the first and last 2 miles, plus on the road out to TrailHead. I had a swarm of gnats around my face from mile 3 to about mile 4.5. Creepy. Not sure why they were swarming me, but wished I had something to fend them off - or even my bandana to cover my face.

Take plenty of water. 

Allow extra time to just "be" there. We powered through, but would like to go back and allow 6 hours for it. It feels inspiring to be in those canyons - take time to let that seep in.  I'd suggest you add an hour to our time, to give yourself some breaks.

And if you are a beer drinker, a nice cold beer back at TrailHead really hits the spot. You are hot, tired, dusty as hell, and a couple of colds ones doe the trick. Have them on ice, waiting for you.

One more trip. We passed some horseriders, on a a narrow trail on a hillside. We yielded, as we trail etiquette dictates. However, here is a note of caution. We yielded on the downward side of the hill. A horse had difficulty, and lost his footing. Had that horse lost his footing one foot earlier, he would have taken out my husband. Yield on the higher side of the hilldside, so that if the horse struggles and has to grapple to regain his footing, you are not in his way. less «

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