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Sea It All - Ramsgate to Broadstairs

Active Ramsgate

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Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 5 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly

Overview :  If you enjoy the sea, you will love this coast hugging, cliff topping, café cruising circuit from Active Ramsgate. Like all the... more »

Tips:  Location: Harbour Parade, Ramsgate, CT11 8LN and Harbour Street, Broadstairs, CT10 1EU
Distance: 5 miles (8km) circular - allow 2.5... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Ramsgate Harbour

As you leave the Ramsgate Harbour area and the eclectic mix of restaurants, cafés and pubs overlooking the inner yacht marina, you will pass the derelict Royal Victoria Pavilion and the old Harbour cliff lift and head towards the blue building which is the boulevard kiosk. A small
fun fair, offering merry-go-round, swing-boats and other old... More

2. Ramsgate's Sea Garden

A little further on and Ramsgate’s Sea Garden will come into view; a small garden inspired by the coastal environment that lies on the site of the old Marina swimming pool and boating lake. You might appreciate a small breather by now. There is an interpretation panel and a bench you can use to enjoy the view out across the sandy beach and the sea... More

After approximately 630 metres, another ramp will lead you off the beach; up past a row of brightly coloured wooden beach huts and backon to the sea-wall at Dumpton Gap, where a seasonal kiosk serves refreshing hot and cold drinks, snacks and ice creams. Public toilets (including baby-change facilities) are also
available here.

Follow the sea... More

Thanks to a series of steps that lead from the beach up to the sea-wall, you can quickly retreat to safety if the tide catches you by surprise. At the Louisa Bay cafe (seasonal) a ramp will lead you uphill, under the footbridge and onto a set of steps to the cliff top. Turn left at the top of the steps and you will enter Victoria Gardens, a... More

5. Pier

Follow the path as it slopes down to the junction with Harbour Street, turn right and continue, downhill, past Wyatt and Jones, the Sun Terrace, Pavilion Gardens, and Tartar Frigate Public house. (There are more public toilets available here). When you reach The Boathouse, turn right onto the pier, find a bench or grab a well-deserved drink and... More

6. South Cliff

Now you can retrace your steps back through Victoria Gardens to the steps by the footbridge but instead of taking the steps down to the sea wall, continue across the bridge and follow the path along the top of the cliff.

There are a number of additional benches available here that you can use to enjoy the space and tranquillity of the wide... More

7. Converted Lighthouse

Continue straight on or return to walk along the beach to Ramsgate - if the tide is favourable (low tide only). At high tide take the cliff-top section of the ‘paved’ path that finishes shortly after Dumpton Gap continue on short grass for approximately 450 metres. Just follow the Leas
and head towards the converted lighthouse in the distance.

You are nearly there, so enjoy these final sights as the trail leads you back to a surfaced path (also the Viking Coastal Trail) beside the lighthouse, where you can continue on through the King George VI Memorial Park. You’ll find an excellent children’s playground, a café and some toilets near the exit at the far end of the park. Be sure ... More

9. East Cliff

Now turn left out of the park gates, follow the path along the top of the East Cliff, pass the top of the switch-back path and head towards the Granville Theatre. Look out for some attractive ‘Victorian style’ shelters dotted along the East Cliff on the way. The top entrance to the Harbour cliff lift is now on your left with the path running... More

You know you are on track when you see the Albion Park gardens on the opposite side of the road. A few moments more and you have arrived at the bottom of the hill and back at the Ramsgate Harbour/ Yacht Marina.