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Birmingham with the family

Britain's answer to Willy Wonka's factory, boffin-style beguilement, shark encounters and a run in with Dr Who's Daleks
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 6.9 miles
Duration: Full day
Family Friendly

Overview :  The West Midlands' most-visited attraction - Cadbury World - successfully incorporates manufacturing processes with a host of child... more »

Tips:  Providing you wrap up warm, mid-November to just before Christmas can be a good time to visit, as children will enjoy the sounds,... more »

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Points of Interest

Overseas visitors can be a little bamboozled by the deep affection with which the chocolate manufacturer Cadbury is held by the average Brit. It's a love affair that's endured since childhood, though the shine came off the relationship for a while when this iconic British brand was the subject of a hostile takeover in 2010 by the multi-national... More


If the children need some intellectual stimulation after a surfeit of confectionary, the answer may well lie at thinktank, which you'll find at Millennium Point, about 10 minutes walk from New Street station.

It's a child-friendly exploration area that looks at the role of science and technology in our lives, with floors locking into the past, ... More

3. BBC Birmingham Public Access Space at The Mailbox

If your youngsters like their heroes to travel in time as well as space, make your way down to The Mailbox - a fabulous conversion of the city's one-time sorting office into a canalside, upmarket shopping, restaurant, leisure and residential development.

It's also home to the BBC's public access space, where fans of the time-travelling Time Lord... More


Time your arrival to take in the shark feeding session (at 3.30)in the National Sea Life Centre's shark lagoon.

The sharks in the clear-sided lagoon area are small (you can see full-grown hammerhead sharks later), but their frenzied clustering around the food dispensed by the guides as they give their interesting talk show this is a no-nonsense... More