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Architectural Tour of Munich

Get the architectural highlights of Munich ranging in style from Baroque to Gothic to Renaissance to Neo-Classical.
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 2.5 miles
Duration: Half day

Overview :  You could easily spend several days exploring all of Munich's architectural gems but this tour gives you the highlights featuring a... more »

Tips:  -Bring your camera and for the best light try and do this tour at sunrise or sunset when the buildings are at their best.

-Wear... more »

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Points of Interest

Karlsplatz is home to two significant architectural gems.

Karlstor is one of three surviving gates from the now demolished medieval fortification. It was part of the salt road and appears in records as early as 1302.

When the Stachus-Einkaufszentrum (shopping center) right beside Karlstor was constructed in the early 1970s, construction workers ... More

Lenbachplatz is a public square that was part of Munich's Old Town ring. Named after Munich painter Franz von Lenbach, it has a number of sites worthy of architectural interest:

-Wittelsbach Fountain: This is an excellent example of classism and was built from 1893-1995.

-Berhneimer House: This Neo-Baroque house was built for merchant Lehmann ... More

St. Michael's Church is a Jesuit Church and the largest Renaissance Church north of the Alps. It was built between 1583 and 1597. Its facade is beautifully decorated with statutes of Bavaria's Wittelsbach dynasty.

4. Frauenkirche (Cathedral of Our Dear Lady)

The Frauenkirche is Munich's most famous building with its two towers that are almost 100m tall. Given the height restriction of other buildings, it really stands out. Vistors can climb the south tower for amazing views over Munich that stretch to the Alps on a clear day.

Construction began on the Frauenkirche in 1468 and was finished a mere 20... More

The New Town Hall (Rathaus in German): The New Town Hall is the central feature of Marienplatz and looks much older than the Old Town Hall on the east side of the square. It was built between 1867 and 1908 in a Gothic Revival style by architect Georg von Hauberrisser. The tower has a Glockenspiel, wich is an orante clock with moving figures... More

St. Peter's Church is the oldest church in Munich's Old Town and the second oldest in Munich. It dates back to 1368. Of special note is its 92m spire which in the 17th century was adorned with a Renaissance steeple top.

Inside there are five Gothic paintings by Jan Polack. Also of note is the ceiling fresco, originally painted by Johann... More

Maximilianstrasse is home to Munich's most exclusive boutiques and galleries, which is quite fitting considering that Maximilanstrasse is one of Munich's four royal avenues. Most of the buildings found along Maximilianstrasse are built in Neo-Gothic style.

On the far west side of Maximilianstrasse you will find:

-Munich Residenz -The Munich... More