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Langford Park Jarrahdale

One hour from Perth, the fast flowing singletrack is popular with beginners and more advanced riders alike.
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 13.732 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly

Overview :  Langford Park, just outside of Jarrahdale, is a popular mountain biking destination for beginners and advanced riders alike due to the... more »

Tips:  Bring some food for BBQ afterwards or head to Jarrahdale store for a mighty Jarrah burger.

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Points of Interest

1. Car park

Main car park. Take the second exit from the roundabout after crossing the train tracks and follow the one-way loop round to the car park.

2. The Spine (0.5km) - Easy

Easy trail that provides access to and from the trail loops.

3. Lovers Lane (1.4km) - Easy

The old fire trail takes an easy route through the forest. Perfect for anyone new to mountain biking.

4. Woodleys Loop (4.4km) - More Difficult

Fantastic, free flowing trail with good mix of fast descents and easy climbs

5. Reflectors (0.7km) - More Difficult

Some of the best riding in Jarrahdale. This loop is perfect for night riding with reflectors to lead your way.

6. Valley of Opportunity (0.8km) - More Difficult

Quick short loop with a fun descent into the valley. Perfect to combine with The Fox.

7. Button's Fall (0.7km) - More Difficult

A great fun, slightly technical trail that links up to The Fox trail.

8. Watch Your Head (0.7km) - More Difficult

Great single track that provides fun flowing access to the Yellow Brick Road.

9. The Fox (4.1km) - More Difficult

Great trail for light and technical riding through the forest. Incorporates some of the best fast flowing riding in the Jarrahdale area.

10. Yellow Brick Road (5.1km) - More Difficult

A long flowing loop trail taking you along the outskirts of the park. Combine with Woodley’s Loop and The Fox for the longest ride in the park in a range of landscapes.

11. Picnic area

Just to the NE of the car park is a very pleasant picnic area with tables and free gas BBQs. Don't forget to pack some sausages for a post-ride feed.