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Janapar Trail -Section 5 - Avetaranots to Karintak

From Avetaranots Village you hike through thick forested mountains to the village of Karintak under the cliffs.
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 10.4 miles
Duration: Unknown

Overview :  This hike takes you through some thick forest, and includes a fair amount of elevation. There is nothing technically difficult about ... more »

Tips:  *Make sure your batteries are fully charged before your hike.

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Points of Interest

1. Avetaranots Village

Avetaranots is the village where you begin your hike.

2. Forest

Most of your hike will be through forest.

3. Clearing

This is a clearing in the forest.

4. Cross river

Cross the river here - it's an easy crossing unless there's been a lot of recent rain.

5. Crest crossroad

You reach the top of the pass to Karintak here, with great views both behind you and ahead of you - where your first view of Karintak and the Karkar Canyon appear. Turn right to continue on the Janapar trail.

6. Descent to Karintak begins

From this fork head downhill, straight to Karintak village. There are great views whenever there is a break in the trees.

7. Old bridge

Cross the old stone bridge into the village of Karintak.