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Highlights of Santiago

A glimpse of the Chilean capital’s history, food, culture, and scenic views, in one day.
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 2.3 miles
Duration: Full day
Family Friendly

Overview :  This tour features the downtown’s main historic attractions, as well as a taste of the local food and culture, and it will give you a ... more »

Tips:  - TRANSPORTATION/MOBILITY: Purchase a BIP card (CLP$ 1,350) at any metro station. Put CLP$ 1,000-2,000 daily credit (recommended) in... more »

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Points of Interest

La Moneda presidential palace used to be the country’s mint – hence its name, “moneda,” which means “coin” – and is one of the most important historic buildings in Santiago.

The northern façade leads to Plaza de la Constitución square where the changing of the guard takes place every other day at 10am. The southern façade... More

You can either walk 6 blocks northeast to get to Plaza de Armas, or take the metro there: from La Moneda station, take line 1 (red) to Los Heroes, then line 2 (orange) to Santa Ana, and then line 3 (green) to Plaza de Armas’ station.

Plaza de Armas square, a national monument, dates back to Santiago’s foundation in the XVI century. It’s a good... More

Make a stop for lunch at Mercado Central (Central Market), where you will find Chile’s freshest seafood and fish. To get there, walk 3 blocks north from Plaza de Armas, either through Puente street or 21 de Mayo street, where Santiago’s Town Hall is located.

The Central Market gathers a wide array of restaurants serving typical regional food.... More

Bellavista is Santiago’s Bohemian neighborhood. To get there, you can take line 2 of the metro (orange) at Puente Cal y Canto station – right next to Mercado Central – to Los Héroes, then change to line 1 (red), get off at Baquedano station, and cross the Mapocho River through Pío Nono street.

You can make your first stop – and buy ... More

Visit Nobel Prize winning poet Pablo Neruda’s home in Santiago, which he built for his mistress, Matilde Urrutia, in 1953. The museum features paintings of Chilean and foreign artists, African wooden handicrafts, furniture, design objects, and Neruda’s original chinaware and cutlery.

Only guided tours are accepted, which have to be coordinated at... More

Also known as Cerro San Cristóbal, Parque Metropolitano is one of the world’s largest parks. You could spend an entire day here, but if you don't that that much time, at least plan to end the day here, seeing the incredible sunset from the top of San Cristóbal hill.

The park includes three hills (San Cristobal, Chacarillas, and Los ... More