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Wutong Mountain from Wutong Village

Two of the safest routes that lead to the higest peak in Shenzhen from Wutong Village Park Entrance
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 7.1 miles
Duration: Half day
Family Friendly

Overview :  At altitude of 944 meters, Wutong Mountain is the highest mountain in Shenzhen. Now there are Forest Park and Sport Park. Standing on ... more »

Tips:  Transportation:
By Bus: Taking No. 211 bus from downtown Luo Hu, you can reach the Wutong Mountain Village, which is the terminal... more »

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Points of Interest

1. View of the mountain

From the classical route up the mountain, one can see the mountain peak at distance. Sometimes, the peak is submerged in the clouds. This means that it will be very forgy when you reach the top.

2. Big and Small Wutong Junction 大小梧桐分岔处

Wutong Mountain consists of two peaks, small Wutong and Big Wutong.
Small Wutong is 200 meters lower than the big Wutong. From this junction, it will be another 45 minutes to 1 hour of climbing before you reach the big Wutong top through Brave Man Slope。

3. Brave Man Steps 好汉坡

Brave Man Steps is a 1,100 meter stone steps that leads to the top of the mountain. In a clear day, one can have an excellent view of the Shenzhen city, the Yantian sea port, the Shenzhen bay and nearby city Hongkong. People usually take 30 minutes to complete the Brave Man Steps.

4. Park Entrance

The Wutong Archway marks the entrance to the Wutong forest park. It is the starting point for the West hiking routes.

5. Taishan Brook Trail Entrance

Taishan Brook Trail is a well maintained and well travelled trail. It is a perfered trail in the summer as the trail is hidden under the dense vegetation.

6. A Reservior

7. A bridge crossing the brook

Before the construction of the stone steps, hikers walk along the brook. The steps significantly reduce the difficulity and danger of this trail.

8. A rest area along the trail

There are several rest areas along the trail. In the summer time when there are lots of visitors, street vendors will offer fruit and bottled water. There are signs which show the elevation and the remaining distance to the peak.
Please note: public bathroom is not available in this trail

9. View along the trail

Wutong Mountain is now a forest park. The dense forest is very interesting for those who are interested in plants and vegetation. The park makes it easy to distinguish the plants by posting signs on them.

10. The steep trail under the heavy forest

The steps become very steep towards the top of the mountain. In less than 1km, it gains 200 meters elevation. There are much less visitors to this part of the mountain as some visitors turn back before this point.
The signs serve as an motivation as you are closing in to the peak.

11. Signs at the top of the mountain

The signs at the top show that you are at the top of the Wutong Mountain, the highest peak in Shenzhen. In a clear day, you will see the rolling hills and the dense forest below. However, the peak is usually foggy with visibility less than 20 meters. It is rather windy here and the temperature is several degrees cooler than at the foot of the... More