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Redwood Creek Canyon

Skyline to the Sunset Trail-Dool Trail-Creeping Forest Trail Loop

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Difficulty: Easy
Length: 1.9 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours

Overview :  Skyline to the Sea Trail-Dool Trail-Creeping Forest Trail Loop

The park is about 65 miles south of San Francisco. From Santa Cruz... more »

Tips:  Dress for the season and bring something for the damp. Fogs and rains are common.

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Points of Interest

1. Trail Head

Trail thead. The Skyline to the Sea Trail crosses the road and is adjacent to the bridge on the Gazos Creek Road leading to the Picnic Area Loop just north of the Park Headquarters.

Follow the southerly trail along the creek for a short distance. This portion is largely a gentle upgrade.

2. Junction

Dool Trail. Follow the Dool Trail up the hillside of Redwood Creek. The area being walked forms a spectacular hillside Redwood forest.

3. Junction

Continue on the Dool Trail.

Dense redwood forest with the trail on an upgrade.

4. Bridge

A bridge in the Redwoods. The trail grade steepens!

5. Fallen Trees

A pair of fallen Redwoods that have fallen in opposite directions with the trail passing between.

The well preserved bases of the trees illustrate the shallow root structure of these giants adapted to the region’s shallow top soils.

6. A Bench

A bench dedicated to the Johnson Family Memorial Grove. A great place to sit and enjoy.

7. Junction

The trail crosses the Gazos Creek fire road. This road will return to the Ranger Headquarters area. Cross the road and continue up Dool Trail.

8. Junction

A gravel road. Cross the road and continue on the Dool Trail toward the Creeping Forest Trail past a pair of fallen Redwoods.

9. Log Bridge

A Log Bridge over a pair of gullies.

The top of the log has been carved to resemble paving stones for traction. It’s a great photo opportunity and longer than it looks.

The log split on the rise between gullies and keeps going to the tree’s old root bulb at the far end which forms a gateway to the trail beyond.

10. Junction

Continue on the Creeping Forest Trail and up the hill. Shortly there will be switchbacks.

11. Junction

Follow the Skyline to the Sea Trail along the creek to the Point of Beginning at the bridge.

Throughout this segment of the walk are "named" Redwood Groves dedicated to individuals, families, foundations, and companies who have helped Big Basin over the years with significant donations.