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Trout Creek Trail - Garcia Wilderness

A 7.8 mile round-trip trail in the Los Padres National Forest and Garcia Wilderness
Difficulty: Unknown
Length: 7.8 miles
Duration: Half day

Overview :  The Trout Creek Trail is 7.8 miles round trip and located near Pozo, California. The trail is great for hiking and normally takes... more »


  • The drive up Hi Mountain Road to the trailhead is possibly the most adventurous part of the trip.  While 4WD is not required, you will need a high-clearance vehicle to navigate the numerous stream crossings and deep ruts in the road.
  • Hi Mountain Road is frequently closed in the winter due to muddy conditions. Check the Los Padres National Forest road conditions web page for the current road status.
  • Wilderness permits are not required for the Garcia Wilderness.
  • Spring is the best time of year for this hike, as temperatures are pleasant and the wildflower display is generally very impressive.  Summer is unpleasantly hot.  Fall is not as hot, but still very dry.  While this would make a pleasant winter hike, access to the trailhead is doubtful due to the seasonal closure of Hi Mountain Road.
  • Poison oak is prevalent along the entire length of the trail.  Other possible hazards include ticks and rattlesnakes.

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Points of Interest

1. Trout Creek Trailhead

This cattle gate with a hiker pass-through is the start of the Trout Creek Trail.

2. Trout Creek/Buckeye Camp Trail junction

Turn left at the cow skull. Really...

3. Saddle

This saddle offers views into the Garcia Wilderness and is the highest point on the trail.

4. Side trail to Buckeye Camp

Turn left here to follow a short side trail up to Buckeye Camp.

5. Buckeye Camp

Buckeye Camp is one of only two designated trail camps in the Garcia Wilderness.