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Court of Ceremonies - Fremont Indian State Park Trail #6

This trail is for the adventurous! It takes you into a hidden canyon with exceptional rock art.
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 0.3 miles
Duration: Less than 1 hour

Overview :  Fremont Indian State Park is located along I-70 in central Utah. Admission to the park is $6 per vehicle. Camping is available at... more »

Tips:  This short trail is moderate difficulty but is appropriate for the whole family. Elevation gain is about 100ft.

While at Fremont... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Three Panels

Look around you. From the place where you are standing three rock art panels are visible.

-To your left, the figure with two circles connected by a line is thought to be a map of the canyon that you are about to enter. The bottom shows two canyons coming together. That is where you are. The canyon then is straight as it goes through a rock slide.... More

2. Who Are These People?

Just looking at these large human figures makes us wonder who these people were and why they were reproduced here as sentinels on these cliffs. The two-horned figures are thought to signify a god, medicine man or priest and also strength and power. Notice how they usually have no hands and legs and seem to be floating in the air. From looking at... More

3. Pot Hunting

There is no known meaning or identification for the figure that looks like a trilobite. Through dubious research of local people on rock art and the Spanish Trail, it was thought that the panel was a skeleton and meant that a Spanish burial with gold was placed at the base of the cliff. In search for gold a hole was dug by unauthorized diggers. It... More

4. Cyclops

The faces of most of these large human figures are either blank or concentric circles. The single hole in this figure that makes it look like cyclops is from a bullet. This panel, like many others in Clear Creek Canyon, has withstood the elements for hundreds of years only to be damaged by vandalism. Man is the worst enemy of rock art. It is... More

5. Pinyons & Junipers

The dominant vegetation on this ridge, as is true of much of Utah, is pinyon and juniper trees. These trees are usually found growing side by side, with a natural space around each tree and little ground cover.

The Colorado Pinyon (Pinus edulis) is usually the taller tree. It produces the pinyon nut early in the fall, which is a food that was... More

6. View Area

Stop for a minute and enjoy the view. It is a good place to see the parks modern features like the visitor center, parking lot, cement sidewalks and 1-70. The Fremont also possibly used it as a viewpoint from which they could view their village on Five Finger Ridge, the rock art on the canyon wall to your right and the agricultural areas and... More

7. Pithouse

This pit house is copied from varying features of ones found on Five Finger Ridge. From excavation, the shape and size of pithouses and such characteristics as floors and firepits could be determined. More guesswork was involved in figuring out what the roof, smoke holes and ladders looked like. This pithouse only gives an idea of what one looked ... More

8. Granary

The Fremont stored their corn and other food in storage rooms called granaries. On Five Finger Ridge, of the 103 rooms excavated, nineteen were granaries. Another variation of the granary, like the one that this one was patterned after, is found throughout the cliffs of Clear Creek Canyon and its tributaries. Many of these are isolated and blend... More