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Crescent Beach Loop Trail

Take a break from the nearby redwood forests and stroll along the beach for a chance in scenery.
Difficulty: Unknown
Length: 1.2 miles
Duration: Unknown
Family Friendly

Overview :  This quick beach stroll is a nice break from the rugged redwood forest trails in the surrounding area. There are plenty of shells to... more »

Tips:  It's illegal to collect driftwood from the beaches, so please enjoy it where it is...

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Points of Interest

1. Pacific Beaches

Wide-open, flat beaches are the hallmark of the Pacific Northwest. The huge winter storms plane the beaches flat and take sand offshore, only to be restored by the summer waves.

2. Cold Surf

The water is clod year-round here, but it's still nice to walk in the ankle-deep water.

3. Sand Dollars

There are sand dollars (and "half-dollars") everywhere on this stretch of beach.

4. Clam Shells

There are also lots of heavy thick clam shells.

5. Driftwood

The driftwood logs can be unstable, so watch your step.

6. Driftwood Fort

Kids often build forts of driftwood on the beach.

7. Historical Signs

There are interpretive signs telling you about the history of the area near the parking lot.