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Natuurmo(nu)ment-Bergseboswandeling 2

Hike of either 6 or 10 km, through woods and open heathfields ponds. Wandeling van 6 of 10 km door bossen en open heide
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 5.841 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly

Overview :  The walk is 6 or 10km long and takes you to the combined estates of Bornia and Heidestein, through woods, over open heathfields and... more »

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Points of Interest

Cross the road and take a path northwards, parallel to the road, following the line on your phone.

Steek de weg over en loop parallel aan de weg naar het nooorden, volg daarbij de lijn op uw telefoon

2. Cross the road, take the cyclelane through the tunnel. Steek over en volg

het fietspad door de tunnel.

3. The estate of Bornia. Landgeod Bornia

Bornia is the old Frisian word for borderland. The estate is situated on the border of the Utrecht Hillridge and the old Kromme Rijn (curved rhine), an old riverbed.

Bornia estate consisted largely of sand dunes whose traces are still visible in the relief. Heidestein, Bornia and North Wood (Bergseboswandeling 4, or Mont Marmont) together form... More

4. Crossing. Wandelkruispunt

The short (6km) version of this walk returns from here to Bergse Bossen. If you choose the longer (+4km) walk you will be rewarded by beautifull Heidestein.

De korte (6km) wandeling keert hier terug naar Hotel Bergse Bossen. Loopt u de lange (+4km) route dan vervolgt u uw weg over Heidestein.

5. Heidestein

The former estate of Heidestein is nestled in the woods near the town of Zeist. The heatherfields between the old coniferous forest is grazed by a rare type of sheep: Drentse heideschapen. The sheep conserve the land as it used to look: as barren as beautifull.

Landgoed Heidestein ligt verscholen in de bossen bij Zeist. Op de heidevelden tussen... More

6. Teahouse and tunnels. Theehuis en tunneltjes

The owner of Bornia and Heidestein had a pond dug on his estate, overlooked by a teahouse that looks just like a swiss chalet. The pond is fed by so called 'sprengen': dug streams, that transported Heuvelrugs pure water to and fro. The tunnels you will find on the banks of the pond are the surprising remains of a narrow gauge train, which the... More