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Honduras Boutique Resorts

As reviewed by TripAdvisor travellers
La Giralda (Guanaja)
La Giralda Slideshow
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#3 of 4 hotels in Guanaja
One traveller mentioned "boutique hotels" when describing this hotel.
  • "I've stayed at boutique hotels, Aman and Aman-esque hotels, and rented my share of villas, including several in Mustique. This place beats them all. This isn't particularly..."
  • "I stayed with my husband and another couple on our wedding anniversary in the Vila del Rey. The bedrooms and rooms are so large it was like we were by ourselves with our own suite. Our room was beauti..."
Turquoise Bay Dive & Beach Resort Slideshow
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#21 of 41 hotels in Roatan
2 travellers mentioned "boutique" and "boutique hotel" when describing this hotel.
  • "person(s) who decorated/planned this place has excellent taste because it has a boutique-like feel to it with prices not that much higher than Fantasy Island. In fact, it was so..."
  • "We like to mix things up when we travel usually by staying in an all-inclusive for one week and either a Boutique hotel or a B&B for the second week so we can see more of the area..."
Pristine Bay Resort (Roatan) 4.0 of 5 Travellers' Choice® 2015 Winner Top Hotels | Family Special Price Save 15% at Pristine!
Pristine Bay Resort Slideshow
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#27 of 41 hotels in Roatan
One traveller mentioned "boutique hotel" when describing this hotel.
  • "Exclusive Beach Club, Boutique Hotel & Spa, (opening late June/July), 'future' Marina and Town Center, ... Pristine Bay has it all. Our incredible two bedroom villa, (with..."
  • "I stayed at Pristine Bay last year for new years and had such an amazing time that we are going again this year! The resort and the island are breathtaking! I stayed in a 2 bedroom villa, and it was b..."
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Utopia Village Slideshow
#2 of 9 hotels in Utila
One traveller mentioned "boutique resort" when describing this hotel.
  • "Utopia for their diving location, but I have to say it shouldn't be just the divers that come here. Anyone can enjoy this boutique resort!..."
  • "I would highly recommend this resort. We like to stay in smaller, more personable resorts (if you're looking for a huge, Marriott-style resort this is not it) and Utopia fits the bill perfectly! ..."
CoCo View Resort (French Harbour) 3.5 of 5
CoCo View Resort Slideshow
#1 of 4 hotels in French Harbour
One traveller mentioned "boutique" when describing this hotel.
  • "hammocks scattered throughout the resort), kayaked the front yard, shopped in the boutique and simply enjoyed being away from all the hustle and bustle of everyday life. I think..."
  • "My oldest son (14), my wife, and I went to CoCo View for our Spring Break 2012 diving trip. My son and I dive, and my wife likes to go along to get away and catch up on her reading. The resort is ve..."
#4 of 12 hotels in West Bay
One traveller mentioned "boutique resort" when describing this hotel.
  • "I recommend Bananarama to antone who likes a family feel boutique resort that makes you feel like your staying at your own personal vacation home...."
  • "I stayed at the Bananarama resort on Roatan Island over Spring break with my school group. The beaches are prisine and the sceanery is absolutly georgous. All the staff there was knowlageable, kind, ..."