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Myanmar Boutique Resorts

As reviewed by TripAdvisor travellers
#6 of 11 hotels in Ngwe Saung
One traveller mentioned "boutique hotel" when describing this hotel.
  • "This boutique hotel offers the most deluxe quiet place to refresh the nerves. Especially the only villa overlooking the beach Okay you will pay a lot, but this is the best place..."
  • "Nice place to really chill after weeks on the road. Location is perfect with pristine breach and not so much to do beyond finishing your piles of books, walking to the island at low tide and watch lif..."
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#3 of 14 hotels in Taunggyi
6 travellers mentioned "boutique hotel" and "boutique resort" when describing this hotel.
  • "This is a wonderful boutique hotel at the lake. Great restaurant at the lake on the veranda. The room is nice, bed from wood and nice bathroom. Nice balcony with view over the lake..."
  • "But, if you want a luxurious, self-contained boutique resort, you cannot do better than this. My only issue was that the management want you to pay for your stay in cash in advance..."
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Amazing Ngapali Resort (Ngapali) 4.0 of 5 Travellers' Choice® 2014 Winner Romance | Top Hotels | Service
#3 of 13 hotels in Ngapali
2 travellers mentioned "boutique hotel" when describing this hotel.
  • "We were said to have it improved soon. It is a unique place, you will feel more like in a boutique hotel than in a typical resort...."
  • "It is a real Boutique Hotel with a beautiful beach, very efficient staff, always smiling, and the decoration of the hotel and the comfortable suites is faultless. We have visited..."
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#6 of 65 hotels in Mandalay
7 travellers mentioned "boutique hotel" when describing this hotel.
  • "This is a brilliant small boutique hotel (but adding more rooms) on the outskirts of Mandalay. Even with the new rooms this will still be a small hotel with big facilities. The..."
  • "I stayed 3 nights in this amazing boutique hotel, I think the best one in Mandalay. Rooms are very smart and comfortable, set in a peaceful and charming location, far from the busy..."
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