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Exclusive Resorts in Tasmania

As reviewed by TripAdvisor travellers
Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge (Cradle Mountain-Lake St. Clair National Park) 4.5 of 5 Special Offer Stay Longer and Save
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#1 of 2 hotels in Cradle Mountain-Lake St. Clair National Park
7 travellers mentioned "luxury accomodation" and "luxury hotel" when describing this hotel.
  • "King Billy Suite is very well appointed, modern luxury accomodation definitely special. It was a clear day, not something you can expect, and Cradle Mt and Dove Lake were beautiful..."
  • "Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge is supposed to be a luxury hotel but falls a little short. The rooms are very clean and comfortable, but the restaurant charges international prices..."
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Saffire Freycinet (Coles Bay) 5.0 of 5 Travellers' Choice® 2015 Winner Luxury | Small Hotels | Best Service | Romance Special Offer Stay Four, Pay Three
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#1 of 2 hotels in Coles Bay
One traveller mentioned "exclusive resorts" when describing this hotel.
  • "Even the small exclusive resorts are at maximum capacity. Last year it was Qualia - the facilities and location were wonderful but the service not up to scratch. That trip was a..."
  • "From the minute you arrive you are embraced as a part of the place - the staff is amazing the accommodations are more than you can even expect - and the combination of the local food and wines - entwi..."
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#2 of 3 hotels in St Helens
2 travellers mentioned "lush" and "luxury" when describing this hotel.
  • "And there are lots of places to go around St Helens - beaches, mountains and lush farmland. The previous comment that this resort looking run down is surprising. I certainly saw..."
  • "options. If your keen on something better your next stop would be the Charles Hotel in Launceston, no there you can catch up on the luxury...."
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#1 of 1 hotels in Grindelwald
2 travellers mentioned "luxury" and "lush" when describing this hotel.
  • "According to this place's website, they are offering fantastic deals in the form of "luxury" $298 rooms for $94. If you bought into that, you'd be sorely dissapointed because the..."
  • "The setting of the Resort is lovely with lush green grounds featuring a golf course and small lake. Bird life abounded as did some very fat rabbits bounding about near our room..."
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Peppers York Cove (George Town) 4.5 of 5
#2 of 4 hotels in George Town
Selected as a "luxury resort" because... more
  • "My wife and I recently stayed there for our last two nights of our tassie holiday. We stayed in one of their two spa suites. The rooms and bathroom were huge and well appointed. Bed was also very comf..."
  • "We spent 3 nights at Peppers York Cove in a 1 Bedroom Apartment and had a wonderful stay. The apartments are large with high ceilings and have beautiful views of the Tamar River. George Town is a love..."
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