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Unique Hotels Vermont

As reviewed by TripAdvisor travellers
Hampton Inn Burlington Slideshow
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#2 of 5 hotels in Colchester
3 travellers mentioned "unique" when describing this hotel.
  • "Hotel manager went out of his way to help with my unique problem. A couple of weeks befor my stay I had to cancel all my credit cards due to identety theft. As no cards had been..."
  • "This hotel has unique Vermont charm while still being a modern facility. I was at this hotel for a two night stay and found the front desk staff to be friendly, the breakfast..."
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The Blue Horse Inn (Woodstock)
#9 of 16 Woodstock B&B and Inns
3 travellers mentioned "unique" when describing this hotel.
  • "characteristics, making a return stay at the Blue Horse Inn a different and unique experience.  In my stays I was blessed with the exceptional accommodations of Room 6 and..."
  • "I grew up in this house and my mother ran it as a B&B for many years so my return after 6 years was a unique experience. I had no idea what to expect but the renovations were..."
Hotel Vermont (Burlington) 3.5 of 5 Special Rate Rise to the top
Hotel Vermont Slideshow
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#1 of 9 hotels in Burlington
11 travellers mentioned "unique hotel" when describing this hotel.
  • "Hotel Vermont is a pretty unique hotel by Vermont Standards. Other than the fact that most of the room "supplies" are sources locally, there is not much "Vermont" about the hotel..."
  • "A very unique hotel in a a great little town. We stayed for two nights and were very pleased. The hotel is very nicely decorated and nice local touches everywhere. The rooms are..."
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Hotel Coolidge (White River Junction) 3.0 of 5
Hotel Coolidge Slideshow
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#5 of 8 hotels in White River Junction
3 travellers mentioned "unique place" and "unique building" when describing this hotel.
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Trapp Family Lodge Slideshow
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#5 of 23 hotels in Stowe
4 travellers mentioned "unique place" and "unique" when describing this hotel.
  • "a family tradition. Staff was friendly and the grounds were kept very nice. A very unique place to visit. Looking forward to going back!..."
  • "when you arrive at the Trapp Family Lodge! The outside architecture is quite unique, at least for this part of the world. I think the family stayed true to their roots when..."
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The Essex, Vermont's Culinary Resort & Spa Slideshow
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#1 of 2 hotels in Essex
5 travellers mentioned "unique" when describing this hotel.
  • "Each room is decorated differently from the next, providing a unique lodging experience that we enjoyed sharing with each other.. The food was excellent, and they offered a variety..."
  • "This is a lovely hotel with some unique features - a cooking school and spa on the premises, as well as an exercise and rock-climbing area that I didn't see. My husband enjoyed his..."
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Casablanca Motel (Manchester)
#3 of 15 hotels in Manchester
3 travellers mentioned "unique" when describing this hotel.
  • "The motel is actually individually and unique cabins around the property. The cabins are very clean, comfortable and offer more room and privacy than a standard motel/hotel. I..."
  • "of Manchester, a couple of minutes away, has plenty of shops and restaurants. The Motel offers good value for money and a unique experience...."
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