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Backpacker Hostels in Zambia

As reviewed by TripAdvisor travellers
Fawlty Towers (Livingstone)
#18 of 42 Speciality lodging in Livingstone
3 travellers mentioned "backpacker" when describing this hotel.
  • "Would recommend the Lodge style accommodation for those with a view to greater pampering but the backpacker element was good. The bigger lodge rooms have walk in showers and great..."
  • "Whether you are looking for a good value Motel Room, backpacker bed or a night in your own tent, Fawlty Towers can accommodate you. While all catering essentials are available in..."
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#16 of 40 Speciality lodging in Lusaka
2 travellers mentioned "backpacker place" and "backpacker hostel" when describing this hotel.
  • "Cleo (from Ireland) and her husband Sean (from Zambia) run this friendly backpacker place. All the essentials (kitchen, pool, nice clean rooms or a lawn to set up your tent) are..."
  • "Pretty standard backpacker hostel, stayed twice en-route, once in mixed dorm and once in single sex dorm when mixed was full. Beds are clean and comfortable, food's alright though..."
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#5 of 40 Speciality lodging in Lusaka
One traveller mentioned "backpacker place" when describing this hotel.
  • "The breakfast was good.. Very good value and I think it is the best backpacker place in Lusaka. A bit quiet but I like it like that...."
  • "We enjoyed our stay there for 4 nights. The staff are friendly, the breakfast is very basic but free. We love the Internet but you should get up early in the morning to get the fast speed, be aware th..."
#20 of 42 Speciality lodging in Livingstone
5 travellers mentioned "backpacker accommodation" and "backpacker place" when describing this hotel.
  • "arrive early. Overall, I enjoyed my stay at Jollyboys, and I would recommend it to any traveller looking for good backpacker accommodation...."
  • "for crisp, white linen and soft towels, please book a hotel. If you’re looking for a fun backpacker place then Jollyboys is just perfect!..."
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