Casares Castle

The Casares Castle is located at Calle Villa, on the highest part of the town. It has visual sights with Jimena, Castellar and Gibraltar, so it was used for communicating with the towers in Manilva, Estepona, and Ronda in the past. The first documentation found about this castle is that it was an Arab fortress in the 13th century and was important among the fortresses from Gibraltar to Ronda. The fortress has the form of an irregular polygon with several entrances. The perimeter of the fortress is 770 meters and the surface area is 23, 692 square meters. At the highest part of the fortress, there are remains of the walls. The main gate is called the Arco de la Villa and is situated in a square tower. The other entrance is located in the northern part of the wall and is called the Arco del Arrabal.