The Spirit of Adventure is the day tour boat from Glacier Bay Lodge that travels 65 miles through Glacier Bay NP to the Glaciers at the top, It is also a floating wildlife viewing platform. The boat is a catamaran and can get as close to the shoreline as most if not all of the other tour boats in the park. The boat is also used as camper drop off boat and has to put itself up on the beach to let the campers on or off, therefore if there is bear or wolf on the shore line you can get close enough to fill your frame. Capts Deb and Jim Johnson have been navigating this park for 8 years or so and are very proud of what they can show their guests, they also take a lot of pride in their crew and will turn wee college kids working for the first time into able sea hands by the end of the summer season. Glacier Bay NP is a breathtaking place for both scenery and wildlife, and if you get the chance to camp while your there the memories and sights will be very hard to beat.