The main reason that people visit the island of Anguilla is because of the white sand beaches, crystal clear water, and tropical temperatures.  Many of the island’s activities are also centered around the Caribbean Sea, but there are also lots of non-beach activities for the tourist.   

            Scuba diving is a popular sport in Anguilla, and although spectacular reefs or deep diving sites will not be found, sunken ships will.  Ship wrecks are what attract most divers to this East Caribbean Island, and there are five main wreck sites available.  This type of underwater exploration is quite fascinating and worth investigating.  There are a total of 33 sites around the island, and the most interesting marine creatures that can be encountered are turtles, stingrays, eels and even sharks.  In fact, a visit to Scrub Island will almost guarantee a run in with a shark. 

            Try snorkeling if scuba diving is too extreme, time consuming or expensive.  A great deal of the ocean is visible right from the surface.

            Boat racing is the national sport in Anguilla, and almost all locals have a high interest in this activity. 

            Hiking and walking is a favorite past time of tourists.  With picture perfect vistas found everywhere around the island, make sure to bring a camera.