Airlines and Cruise Ships

Queen Beatrix International Airport is a hub in the Caribbean. The island is served by a number of airlines, and connections can be made to any part of the world, U.S.-bound passengers benefit from their own terminal building that houses a U.S. Immigrations/Customs facility, allowing flights from Aruba to enter the U.S. as domestic flights.  If departing on Saturday, allow 3 plus hours to make it to your gate.  You must check-in, drop off bags, go through aruba passport control, go through security, collect bags, go through U.S. passport control, drop off bags again and try to find your gate. Flight monitors are limited inside the terminal and only show flights an hour ahead of the current time. 

 For United States bound passengers, departure tax is $36.75 and is included in the ticket price. For other international bound passengers the departure taxi is $33.50 USD. If in Aruba on transit for less than 24 hours, these charges are waived. Visitors can leave the airport and return freely within those hours. Children under 2 years of age do not pay the Aruba departure tax.

Air service to Aruba is presently offered by the following airlines:Air Canada, Aires, Air Tran, American, ArkeFly, Aserca, Avianca, Continental, DAE, Delta, Insel, Jetblue, KLM, Martinair, Spirit, Surinam, Tiara, United and U.S. Airways.

First Choice has charter service for the UK seasonally.

Aruba is also accessible by most Cruise Ships through the Aruba Ports Authority . For information regarding cruise visits to the island of Aruba, the Aruba Tourism Authority has their own website, Aruba Cruise Tourism. You can find the upcoming cruise call schedule here.

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