Hospital: Dr. Horacio Oduber Hospital , L.G. Smith Blvd., Oranjestad, located near the hotel area. Phone (297) 5874300.

Doctors and dentists: All hotels have medical doctors on call. Excellent dental facilities. Appointments can be made through your hotel.

Air ambulance service: Please call Mr. Richard Rupert at (297) 829197.

Centro Medico, San Nicolas: Dr. Rudy Engelbrecht, Bernardstraat 75, San Nicolas. Phone (297) 5848833.

Labco Medical and Homecare Service NV: Cabuyastraat 6A, Ponton. Phone (297) 825541, fax (297) 5826567.

Posada Clinic Aruba: L.G. Smith Blvd 14. (297) 5820840, fax (297) 5835664.