Driving is common in Oranjestad and both taxis and rental cars are viable options for travelers seeking ways to get around the area.  If you rent a car be advised that parking for Oranjestad is limited and spaces available behind the bus station and near the Cinema and shopping may fill up early.  There are overflow lots going toward the water.  It is advisable to consult a map showing the parking areas.

By taxi:  Instead of trying to hail a taxi on the streets of Oranjestad, visitors should stop at the front of any hotel and get a cab there.  Taxis can also be called by visitors with the main dispatch phone number being (297) 587 2300 / 297 747 4087.  Visitors can also ask hotel and restaurant staff to place the call for them.

            Rates:  The rates of taxis are fixed by the government and most taxi drivers follow these rates, but visitors should use common sense, asking drivers about fares before agreeing to the ride. Max 5 persons per Cab ( Suv -Van - Sedan)  Standard fares to be aware of include:

·        Between the low-rise and high-rise hotels: $6 - $8 - $ 9

·        From low-rise or high-rise hotels to Noord restaurants: $6 to $8

·        From Oranjestad hotels to Noord restaurants: $ 11

·        From Oranjestad hotels to airport: $18

         From Oranjestad to Tierra del Sol Golf course $ 20

         From Oranjestad  to Low Rise $ 9

         From  Airport  to Low Rise $ 22

         From  Airport to High Rise $  25

         From Airport to Tierra Del Sol $ 30

·        Island tours: $40/hour

Note that these fares are pre-tip (standard tip is twenty percent) and that there are additional charges for rides after midnight ($ 3 ) on weekdays and all day on Sundays and holidays, as well as for added luggage ( $2 ) per luggage and  ( $ 2)use of trunk  when not going to the Airport and ( $ 3  every 5 min )waiting times.

By rental car:  Rental cars are most commonly obtained at the airport, although hotels also often host rental car services.   Some rental companies will come to your hotel and then take you back after returning the rental.

Rates:  The prices of rental cars vary widely depending upon the season.  In the most expensive time of year, visitors should expect to pay anywhere from $40 to $65 for a compact car rental.  Popular rental car choices in Oranjestad include:

Ace: www.acearuba.com

Avis:   www.avis.com

Budget:  www.budgetaruba.com

Dollar:  www.dollar.com

Econo Car Rental:  www.econoaruba.com

Economy:  www.economyaruba.com

Hertz:  www.hertz.com

National:  www.nationalcar.com

Optima/Payless:  http://www.optimarentacar.com/

Thrifty:  www.thrifty.com

Top Drive:  www.arubatopdrive.com

Toyota Rent a Car: www.toyotarentacararuba.com

Tropic Car Rental:  http://www.tropiccarrent-aruba.com/