Southampton is a beautiful city located at the Southwestern elbow of Bermuda.  The locals are friendly, the weather is warm, and first trips are usually followed by second and third trips.  It is hard to stay away for too long.   

            This oceanfront city is known (just like all of Bermuda) for its tropical climate, white sand beaches and crystal clear waters.  Some of the beaches are private, accessible only to hotel guests, but there are public areas as well.  Note that all water and beach areas below the high water mark are accessible to the general public.  Visit Bermuda Beaches for more information about numerous areas.   

            There are tons of diving opportunities out of Southampton, the most popular ones involving ship wreck sites.  For the more adventuresome diver, sharks can be frequently seen in certain areas off of the island.    

            Gibb’s Hill Lighthouse has been visited by many people over the years, mainly because of the spectacular panoramic view of the island that can be seen.

            The unique climate of the island makes this truly a year round destination.  Even during the rainy season, entire days are rarely ruined by stormy weather.  As quickly as the clouds come, they also leave. 

            A great tourist attraction out of Southampton is The Dolphin Quest.  Swimming with these friendly sea mammals is something that visitors won’t soon forget.