The culture of Southampton is entirely related to the culture of Bermuda, which happens to be deeply rooted to the culture of the UK (because Bermuda is a British colony).

            It is quite amazing to walk the streets in Southampton and notice the local people doing things with a noticeable British flare.   They talk with British accents, enjoy sports such as cricket (just like in the UK), and even eat foods such as bangers and mash.   With all of this being said, the culture of the island does have flavors other than British.

            Southampton as well as all of Bermuda has a large African influence.  Dance and music are both great examples of this.  Reggae and calypso are two popular styles of music that can be heard everywhere on the island.  These island styles are influenced by African and West Indian rhythms.  The popular Gombey dance is synonymous with Bermuda culture.  Performed mainly around Christmas and New Year’s celebrations, its influences are from the native tribes, Christian missionaries, and of course, the British.

            One piece of cultural dress that will be noticed almost immediately after stepping off the plane, are Bermuda shorts.   These long (below the knee) shorts have made their way off the islands and can be seen in other parts of the world too.