There is lots of information about Bermuda available online and should be looked at before ever leaving home.  There are no major sites online dedicated solely to information about Southampton.     

            A great place to begin doing some research on this beautiful city is on the Bermuda Tourism Website .  The information on this site is general for all of Bermuda, but is very useful for preliminary research on a vacation to the islands.  On this site there are many helpful links for things such as general location information, climate and weather information, government facts, culture and history information, and much more.  There are links designated entirely for travel, accommodation, dining and nightlife, events and activities.  This site also provides the opportunity to book everything for a vacation online, from flight tickets to hotel reservations. 

            Bermuda 4U is a good site to obtain general information about what is available on the islands.  There are many links offering bookings if interested. 

            There are no foreign embassies located on all of Bermuda, however the USA and Portugal have consulates.  Make sure to visit your national embassy’s website for information about travel to Bermuda before leaving home.  Embassy World is a great site for finding national embassies everywhere.