Open every Sunday from 9 am until 2 pm

Holders Farmers’ Market was created in 2011 to help local organic farmers sell their produce to customers at a fair price. Currently Barbados imports almost 90% of its food and drinks and local farmers are finding it more and more difficult to compete with these imported goods and get a share of this vital market. “Taking the first step to hopefully start increasing the supply and demand for locally grown organic foods,” says Jack Kidd, the organizer of the Market. “Barbados has the land and the climate to grow organic produce, by increasing the demand for locally organically grown produce,  hoping to encourage more Barbadians to see the value and future of farming, in turn creating more jobs and building a sustainable farming industry.”

Huge overseas industralized farms will always be more competitive with the use of pesticides and chemicals at mass-producing vegetables. Farmers in developing countries need to find a different angle, become more specialized finding their niche by organic farming.


Holders Hill market also boasts exclusive availability of Eden Organic Juices. The best non-sugared organic drinks in Barbados made from local fruits and vegetables.  

Holder's Hill Market