The most budget-friendly way to get around Barbados is by bus. Note, however, that service can be spotty, especially on Sundays. You can discern the nationally-owned buses by their blue and yellow stripes. Bus destinations are marked on the front of each bus; there are no numbered routes. The fare for each ride is B$1.50. If you are planning to travel over a shorter distance, you may want to take one of the frequent private mini-buses that run on the same routes as the public buses. These buses are actually off-white mini-vans with the route number on the front and the destination usually appearing on a board in the lower lefthand corner of the windshield.  The mini-vans will pick you up at any bus stop but you must put out you arm to indicate that you'd like a ride else they may not stop.  They do sound the horn as a manner of asking if you'd like them to stop.  Cost is the same as the public buses.  They do get a bit crowded before and after work/school.

Cars can be rented from local rental agencies (there are no international rental agencies in Barbados). Note that you drive on the LEFT in Barbados. The speed limit within city limits is 32 kmph; outside of city limits, the speed limit is 72 kmph.

You may also want to consider renting a bicyle or motor scooter as another way to travel around the island. Bicycles can be rented at a number of locations across the island, including at the cruise ship terminal at Bridgetown harbor. Like car rental, renting a motor scooter also requires obtaining a temporary driving permit from a local police station.