Go Cuba!, Cuba's tourist board organization, has a web page available for those planning to or thinking of visiting Varadero Beach considered to be the country's best and most beautiful resort area.  The web page is in English, geared towards Canadian tourists as travel to Cuba from the United States, by US citizens, is still illegal except under certain specialized circumstances.    Go Cuba's Varadero Beach page gives a brief description of the area as well as several suggestions for places to stay, mainly beach resorts which cater to foreign tourists.  The site also provides information on sightseeing in the Varadero Beach area, as well as dining, entertainment, and day trips.  Brief descriptions and photos are provided for all of the suggested trips and venues.  The website also provides transportation information, and important travel tips such as the country's entrance requirements for air or sea travelers, health insurance information, and tips on getting married in Cuba. 

About Transportation within or from Varadero 

Following could be one of your best option at http:// www.varaderotourtaxi.com for well maintained modern and vintage taxies   

Their Varadero to Havana trip Cost for a full day guided tour

Shared taxi for 3/4 people from different hotels is        50/- CUC per person

Single   reserved taxi for a couple or 3 people -           150/-CUC

For a group of 4 people from the same resort -           165/-CUC 

Group or family of 6 people from the same resort is - 320/-CUC

Apart from Spanish, there guides speak English, French, German, Italian and some Dutch and Russian well. They also offer the option of customized tour without any additional cost.

No upfront payment while online reservation.

Pay your tour fee at the end of your tour in Havana in cash. Amazing confidence.