Curacao has a lot to offer, especially activities at sea.

Their are numerous trips and tours you can take around the island by boat.
You could go on Fishing trips to check your luck or another popular tour is the 'Klein Curacao' tour, where you will travel by boat early in the morning to enjoy a full day on an uninhabitant island.

Some of you maybe want to do some exercise? There are also kayak trips on the island where you can work on those muscles and enjoy the beautiful nature around you.

Are you young and want to party a bit on the island? With the option Rent-A-Yacht, it is possible to rent the boat with a kapitain and fill in your own day! BBQ on the boat? Music? Snorkeling? Diving? You name it!

Curacao has a lot to offer when it comes to activities at sea!

here are some website of boating companies who offer these tours and trips: