The island of Guadeloupe features a bus service that reaches the largest cities and smallest villages that contain the island's population. However, to ride the bus, you will want to either brush up on your high school French or bring along a small English-French dictionary to help translate a few words or two. If you have no time to bone up on your language skills, just make sure that before you get on the bus you practice the pronounciation of the the name of your destination, so that the bus driver can alert you to when you arrive there.

Most days, buses run between 5 a.m. and 7 p.m., however, bus service is much more dicey and sporadic on the weekends, especially Sundays. Additional waiting time between buses just helps to enhance your laidback time on the island. On the same topic, you may want to consider taking the bus as a way to tour the island. Not only does this provide a cheap option for sight-seeing, but it also gives you the chance to talk and interact with the locals, giving you a point of view that not many other visitors take the time to experience.