Wandering down seven mile beach... 

Imagine departing from a bustling Caribbean port, heading into a slowly growing menagerie of seaside hills, driving through colorful Rastafarian villages, heading for the most beautiful sunset in the entire world. You make your way through palm groves and around quiet turquoise coves. As you slowly approach your destination you begin to hear the rhythmic beats of Bob Marley and Peter Tosh. You begin to catch the scent of mango trees, dark rum, and the ever-pleasant jerk shacks which line your path. The colors brighter, the smells more spicy, the music more soulful, your there...You've reached Negril...

Home to the worlds greatest sunset, Negril echoes thoughts of ever refreshed coronas, Rastafarian friendliness, and dreams finally answered. As you immerse yourself in one of the most laid-back towns in the world, remember that while your there you are not a tourist, you're family. To the people of Negril you're simply a distant cousin who hasn't been home in a while. So pick-up a Red Stripe, throw-on your swim trunks, and get ready for a relaxed party which will still be going-on when you come back next year. And remember, when you're sitting in your cubicle or parked in your compact in life’s proverbial parking lot. The people of Negril are waiting to welcome you back into their comforting arms...Negril, Ya Mon!

More thoughts on Negril... 

You are bound to find new friends that become like family. Negril is very, very laid back -- don't expect casinos and wild daytime excitement, but there is plenty of partying to be done and plenty of friends to be made.

The view, from ANY point in Negril, is beautiful -- some favorite places are right on the Negril River -- the colorful fishing boats and people who live and work on them;  the beaches are spectacular and travelling West, the rise of the cliffs and the view of this, will be awesome. 

Do not expect Negril to be full of modern conveniences -- it is a simple area but if you don't expect the "Riviera", you'll be so glad you went!! 

Find a reliable, friendly driver -- work out a price, and have him take you to "his" favorite places -- you'll see spots you'd never find on your own. Be sure to tip your drivers -- that's how they make a living. 

Do keep in mind that the people of Negril make their living from tourism -- if you do not want something offered to you, a simple, "No, thank you" usually works. Don't say, "I'll come back later," they will wait for you.

Visit Joseph's Cave, on Norman Manley Blvd on the way to the lighthouse. Ms. Mae is a wonderful person and the view of the cave in her front yard is absolutely breathtaking!  She has a small tiki hut and will sell you beer and talk to you all day -- what a treasure. Be sure to leave a donation for her church and sign her book.

Make the trek on up the cliffs to the lighthouse -- a spectacular view. Cliff diving at Rick's Cafe is entertaining but drinks and food are pricey.  If you go to the bar across from Joseph's Cave ( think it's called Pirate's Cave) -- you can see some great cliff divers and relax and have good food and drinks at fair prices (the cave there is unimpressive, though).

Most important, plan to relax, mon -- that is what this town is all about!