There are two major visitor’s centers in Port Antonio; the Jamaica Tourist Board office which is geared specifically towards providing visitors with travel information about Port Antonio and the Jamaican Information Service office which serves the purpose of providing travelers with more extensive information about the major travel destinations within the rest of Jamaica.

The Jamaica Tourist Board office is located at the City Centre Plaza which is in the heart of Port Antonio.  The Jamaican Information Service office is also conveniently located in the same general area, on Harbour Street.  The offices are both open on weekdays from eight thirty in the morning until four thirty in the evening and on Saturday mornings from nine until one.

The major tourist website featuring travel information about Jamaica is and their page on Port Antonio ( ) is the official home page for the city. United States visitors who are seeking more information about travel to Port Antonio or other Jamaican locations can get that information from the United States Department of State regarding Jamaican travel.   Additional information is available on their website at . Additional comprehensive contact information for both United States and other international travelers is also available online at .