Have fun visiting the Caribbean!  Meet people from all over the world when they visit Puerto Rico.  They often ask advice as to where they can enjoy fine or casual dining, tropical drinks and the Island’s nightlife.    An answer?  “Always have fun in Old San Juan”. 

Have fun at several of Old San Juan’s most festive restaurants.
Picture the following scenario:  Begin the night with rum cocktail.  The second stop will be at a bohemian place to taste classical Puerto Rican appetizers while listening to a trio playing at your table.  Continue the bohemian mood sitting at the bar inside an interior patio, sipping a piña colada and listening to Puerto Rican dance music.  Next, enjoy a leisurely walk in the Old City to savor the ambiance of the streets.  Thirsty?  Taste the house’s exotic drink and watch or join in salsa dancing. Finally, sit back, relax, taste Puerto Rican beer and listen to live jazz for free up to 1 or 2 in the morning.  Yes, it is possible.

Discover why Old San Juan is the culinary capital of the Caribbean.
The oldest Italian restaurant in Puerto Rico is located in Old San Juan.  In addition, to the Puerto Rican traditional cuisine, you can choose from French, Turkish, Cuban, Colombian, Spanish, coffee shops, Argentinean, Japanese, Indo-Latino, Chinese-Latino, Seafood, and more.  Experience the creative cuisine in the original Old San Juan settings.  San Juan Nights tour

Meet and toast with new friends from Puerto Rico and from around the world.  Traveling alone, with family or friends you will be welcomed by the locals to join a conversation while having a drink.  Puerto Rican culture dictates dining out with live or recorded music.  Following this tradition, even restaurants with menus other than Puerto Rican cuisine have some sort of entertainment on selected days.

Many times visitors will choose a restaurant or lounge with their fingers crossed hoping they will find the type of place to have fun during their vacation.   Research prior to traveling will help you in finding a fun place that serves great food.  Type key words in your favorite search engine such as San Juan at Nights Night tours Puerto Rico, Restaurants Puerto Rico to find alternatives.

Tourist who would have had made reservations at the restaurant they passed by on their way to dinner elsewhere, if they have only known about it. Their comments have been:  “The service and food was excellent, but the ambiance was too quiet”.  In addition, they had no idea of the time and type of entertainment scheduled at the most creative and friendliest nightspots in the Old City.

Be sure to experience Old San Juan’s nightlife to its fullest by joining a rum and food tasting diner at the Rum Capital of the World.