Given its tropical location, it should come as no surprise that the climate in Mayaguez is warm throughout the year. The yearly average temperature is in the upper 70s. When it's cold up north, it's nice and warm in Mayaguez; average high temperatures in the winter months are in the mid 80s, and wintertime lows average in the mid 60s. Summertime can be hot and steamy, average high temperatures are in the low 90s, with average low temperatures in the low 70s. Precipitation falls throughout most of the year, though the smallest amount of precipitation falls during the winter months. High levels of precipitation coincide with the hurricane season (June through October) -- with the most rain falling during the month of September.

Although Puerto Rico is a great place to visit most any part of the year, perhaps the best time to visit is during the winter months, when temperatures are still warm and the threat of hurricanes is far off in the future. Plus, what better way to make coworkers, friends, or family jealous than you heading to the tropics whilst they remain bundled up in the north?