If you are planning a trip to St. Barth's you will find that it will enhance your trip if you do a little bit of reading about the island before you go.  There are several good books and travel guides in print about St. Barth's and most of them are easy to find in book stores or online.  One very attractive book that is sure to make you look forward to your trip even more than you already do is St Barth:  French West Indies .   This beautiful coffee table book has a hard cover and is full or gorgeous photos of the island.  This is something that you may appreciate just as much when you return from your trip as you did before you left for the great memories it will bring to mind.

For something more practical and less expensive, try The Hunter Travel Guide to St. Martin & St. Barts .  This travel guide is full of useful information on hotels, dining, things to do, beaches, and transportation on the islands, just to name a few things.  Pick up one or both of these before your trip!