The most common way of getting to St Barts is via St Maarten, the airport in St Jean being too small to accomodate jets. Planes with a maximum of 19 passenger make the fifteen minute connecting flight between St Maarten and St Barts.

St Maarten (SXM Airport) is connected with Delta (Atlanta), American Airlines (Miami, JFK), USAirways (Charlotte), JetBlue (JFK) and Continental (Newark) from United States;  Air France (Paris),  Air Caraïbes (Paris) and KLM (Amsterdam) from Europe. There are also a number of companies offering once a week flights from Canada (Air Canada, WestJet, ... ).

  • List of airlines performing  flights between St Maartin Juliana and St Barts :

St Barth Commuter : Scheduled and charter flights,

Winair : Scheduled flights,

Windward Express : charter flights,

 There is also a small airport in the French side of St Martin, located in Grand Case, with flights to St Barts operated by St Barth Commuter.


  • List of airlines performing  flights between San Juan, Porto-Rico and St Barts :

St Barth Commuter : charter flights,

Tradewinds : scheduled and charter flights (November to March),


 UK resident could have direct flight from London to Antigua with British Airways or Virgin Atlantic, or from Manchester on Thomas Cook Airlines.

  • List of airlines performing  flights between Antigua and St Barts :

St Barth Commuter : scheduled & charter flights,

Tradewind Aviation : scheduled & charter flights


  • List of airlines performing  flights between Guadeloupe and St Barts  :

Air Antilles Express : scheduled flights

Air Caraibes : scheduled flights

St Barth Commuter : charter flights,

             List of airlines performing flights between Anguilla and St Barths

Anguilla Air Services: (scheduled and chartered)

Transanguilla Airways: (scheduled and chartered)

St Barths Commuter: (chartered)

 The airport on St Barts is located in St Jean on the southern side of the island.   A rental car is recommended and rental booths are at the airport and four wheel drive vehicles are very common.

An alternative to flying is the ferry : Voyager or Great Bay Express

On arrival on the island, most hotels and real estate companies will meet you and bring you to your place of stay.

Taxi services are intermittent, however they can sometimes be found at the airport, or at the port in Gustavia. The central reservation number is 0590 276  631. There is also shuttle bus service which rotates around the island until one in the morning. Please note that you have to buy tickets in advance.