Road Town is the cultural and economic center of the British Virgin Islands. Here, all the traditions of the islands’ multiethnic peoples melt together in a relaxed Caribbean atmosphere, giving the city an international flavor. Unlike the US Virgin Islands, which have been heavily developed and commercialized, life in the British Virgin Islands still strolls along at a leisurely pace. Much of the activity that goes on in the city is centered around the island’s two main industries: tourism and seafaring. Cultural events include the annual British Virgin Islands Music Festival in May and the British Virgin Islands Emancipation Festival during the summer. Sailing regattas are also popular in the calm waters around Road Town.

There are many historical landmarks around Road Town that are worth seeing. The Callwood Rum Distillery is located in Cane Garden Bay and sells rum manufactured in the same way as it was a hundred years ago. The Old Government House and Fort Recovery, signs of the British military presence during the colony’s early days, are some of the oldest landmarks in the British Virgin Islands, dating back to the 1640s. There are also museums dedicated to folk culture, the Native American tribes of Tortola, and nature and the Caribbean environment.