If you are planning to explore the island and the wonderful surprises its waters hold, there are a few additional items you may want to consider bringing with you:

A small, soft-sided cooler with a few cold beverages and snacks. Some of the lovliest beaches are so special because there are no restaurants, bars or other distractions.  

Water socks are also a good idea, especially if you enjoy snorkeling.  Fantastic snorkeling is found very close to shore in many places, but you may have to wade over some rocky spots to get to them.

A waterproof camera is an excellent way to ensure you don't miss capturing memories of the beautiful turquoise water or the amazing aquatic life you will encounter.

Waterproof sunblock is very important as you can just as easily get a bad sunburn in the water as out of it. If you'll be snorkelling a lot, be sure to have someone spread the lotion on your back and also pay particular attention to the back of your arms and legs as these areas will be most exposed as you are face-down in the water.

There's also a comprehensive list of what to pack for your vacation located here: http://www.thecaymanislands.ky/checkl...