Grand Cayman basically has one road which follows the coast around the island. Once you have escaped the seven mile beach corridor and the George Town cruise shopping. The island starts to change back to it original laid back self again. You then start to realise that it is a small place and many hidden treasures are missed with a turn of the head to read the Map. If you turn left then you go to West Bay and if you turn right to go to Savannah & Bodden Town then finally ending up in Rum Point.  The town of "Hell" is fun to see and has a post office where you can send postcards from 'Hell'.  

 If you have seen the movie, 'The Firm' starring Tom Cruise and Gene Hackman, many of the scenes were filmed on Seven Mile Beach.  The old Hyatt is now the Grand Cayman Beach Suites and some of the other scenes were filmed near the Great House.  Several of the sites that were filmed in the movie and referenced in the book are now closed, unfortunately, as they didn't make it past Hurricane Ivan.  

The National Trust of the Cayman Islands has many such places preserving both the historic and environmental locations for future generations. One such place is Bodden Town Guard House Park, which is located on a natural rise and corner as you approach Bodden Town main street. The small hut with cannons guarding it makes a nice place to stop and soak up some history from the signboard  adorning the walls of the Guard House. There are a few picnic tables and a rubbish bin to allow you to pull over from the road and enjoy a bite to eat at your own pace. Don't worry if you miss it on the way as there is only one coastal road and the writer drove past it for 10 years without realizing it was there. The National Trust has cleaned it up and landscaped the area with native plants making this park well worth a few minutes to learn about Cayman or step out of the heat into the shade.

Other properties worth a visit is the Misson House also in Bodden Town located at # 63 Gun Square in Bodden Town - this is link to their website (

Heading up to the Northside and East End of the Island you find scattered public beaches with all the quality of the famous seven mile beach but without the crowds so they become your private plaything beach for your trip. Look out for local varity stores to pick up some light snacks or a drink you wonder how this places stay in business as they are always empty but that's a Cayman secret. Look out for a fruit stand next to the road side and you find the produce is fresh that day fromthe smallholding for really great tasting caribbean fruit and ve. Don't be put off by the skin as this real food not supermarket vanity food.  

Just South of George Town, in South Sound, enjoy a sun/snorkel at Smith Cove on South Church Street...two sweet sandy little beaches nestled along the otherwise "ironshore" coast.  Great sunsets, too!  Visit Pure Art in their charming Cayman cottage for "fun local shopping galore", just a 2 minute walk from Smith Cove (called Smith Bacadere locally).  A Community Park  is a 1 minute walk from Pure Art, which is fun for the youngsters and houses The Cayman National Trust offices...all on South Church Street. 


Caymanians are probably one of the World's friendlist people and from the sea farthing past much more worldly knowledgabily than you ever think for a small island in the middle of nowhere - allow time to enjoy a little chat to experience the real Cayman from a person in their 80's.