"The Great Room", located in the Strand Shopping Centre on Seven Mile Beach. Featuring a monthly comedy show.

The Harquail Theatre is located on West Bay Road, seats over three hundred guests and is often filled to capacity when plays are being presented. Plays produced on the stage of the Harquail Theatre include those written by local dramatists as well as more nationally recognized names.

The Cayman Drama Society (at the Prospect Playhouse) also puts on a variety of performances through out the year. The Cayman Drama Society is committed to providing quality live theatre to educate, enrich and entertain, while providing lifelong learning opportunities and fostering creative expression. For further details you can visit www.caymandrama.org.ky

In terms of performing arts events throughout the year, there are several options which visitors might wish to consider attending. Events such as Cayfest, Batabano Festival and Pirates Week all highlighting local talents, street performances and more.

The Cayman Islands also boasts a strong live music scene. There are various open mic nights around the Island along with other performances such as steel pan drums, Cayman national choir and the Cayman national Orchestra.