Royal Palms Reef Grille

Meals are served in a timely fashion, especialy if dining early (around 6:30)

Calypso Grille

A popular spot at  Morgan's Harbor. Selections include Lobster, shrimp champagne, and sticky toffee pudding

Jolly Roger Sunset Cruise

Departs from George Town. The atmosphere is fun: staff members dress up in pirate costumes and shoot off a canon. For an extra $5, crew members will pick you up and drop you off at your hotel. You will probably have to enquire after this service as it may not be well advertised. The cuise is famous for its rum punch, but also offers gin, whisky, tequila, and four or five different beers. A plate of munchies is included so  if you don't care to book the dinner portion of the cruise you won't go hungry.

Red Sail Sunset Cruise

 A catamaran. Quieter and more calm atmosphere. While enjoying a drink, guests can sit on the netting up front and watch the water pass underneath them. Not necessary to purchase dinner. Slighly more expensive than similar offerings.

The Lighthouse

One of the best restaurants on the island.  Food and service are top-notch.  Prices are somewhat high, but well worth it.  Expect to spend US$125 per person or more for dinner with wine, dessert, coffee, etc.  Well worth the cost.  Beautiful sea views and service that can't be beat anywhere on the island.  It's a bit of a drive from George Town, on the south side of the island, but again, well worth the effort.  Try the fried calamari appetizer.  Best anywhere.  



Inexpensive. Selections include Rotisserie Chicken and salads. Portions are generous. 

The Brasserie

Located on Elgin St. in George Town. 

Over the Edge

Casual dining. 

The Driftwood

The Reef

Blue at the Ritz

The Grand Old House

More expensive. 



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