With a yearly average temperature of about 79 degrees, low humidity and nearly constant northeast trade winds the islands of St. Kitts and Nevis are extremely comfortable and make for a perfect tourist destination no matter what month the calendar might be on. Even in the rainy season from May through November there are endless possibilities for fun in the sun, with opportunities for taking in the sights around the town. Land and water sports are on the agenda practically the entire year.

There are numerous opportunities near Basseterre for fishing, boating and snorkeling. There are several bays within driving distance of Basseterre and these are ideal for windsurfing or diving, including the White House Bay, which has a sunken tugboat that makes it a home to a colorful range of fish.

Back on land, the resorts around Basseterre offer some excellent golf courses, beaches to soak in the rays, and just a few miles away are tropical rain forests that make for excellent hiking and biking locations. The rain forest is home to dozens of species of birds, along with other wildlife that can be observed in the vast scenic beauty of St. Kitts.

Further north a bit is Mount Limuiga, and this is the highest point on the island, and hiking tours are available to trek to the top of this dormant volcano, where you can see the mile-wide crater!