At the northernmost end of Pinneys Beach is a pleasant bay known as Cades Bay. It is possible to walk from Cades Bay all the way to the outskirts of Charlestown on the beach, only having to leave the sand twice to skirt around rocks. This is three miles of straight beach, which is rather rare in the Caribbean.

Cades Bay is somewhat sheltered, with a low cliff stretching from the middle of the bay to the north end, where the coast comes to a rocky point, which divides this bay from Tamarind Bay, a much smaller bay to the north, which lies between Cades Bay and Cades Point.

The rocky point has been extended out quite some distance into a ramp, and this is where the Sea Bridge ferry docks when it is waiting to take passengers and cars over to Major's Bay in St. Kitts. There are two ferry boats that come and go between the two destinations every 2 hours. (The ferry ride is fun and scenic, and it is cheap for pedestrians; Major's Bay is worth a short visit on foot, but it is a wild destination and there are no facilities at all there, no bus and no taxis. Of course if you bring your car with you on the ferry you can go wherever you want to on St. Kitts.)

At Cades Bay there is plenty of nice pale-yellowish-grey sand on the beach, and the bottom of the bay is sandy, with only a very few small rocks, thus it is good for swimming.  There are several "hot spots" in the bay where thermal volcanic springs bubble up, and these are fun to find!

A hotel which was called "The Inn at Cades Bay" was previously situated right along this narrow strip of land between the road and the bay. However, since the end of July 2008, the Inn is officially closed. The plan is to convert the site into condominiums, in a development known as "Zenith".

Across the road from Cades Bay is Mansa's farm stand, Mansa's farm itself, and Mansa's terrace restaurant with ocean views. The farm stand carries a very good range of fresh fruits, vegetables, and salad fixings, almost all of which are grown right there on the farm. Mansa is also well-known for his really first-rate fresh-squeezed juices, as well as truly exceptional ginger beer that is homemade from local ginger, and sarsaparilla made with a herb that grows up on the mountain. Mansa's freshly barbequed chicken and ribs are also popular, and ice cream is available for dessert.

Sunset at Cades Bay