Island Map

On Nevis, you can always get a taxi: this small Caribbean island has over 100 of them! If you are looking for one, they are not hard to spot: they are well-maintained vans, whose license plates are yellow and begin with the letters "T" or "TA". Some even have a taxi sign on the top of them. Taxis can usually be found waiting near the airport, near the ferry dock, and there is an official taxi stand in Walwyn Square in Charlestown, the capital. You will also sometimes see a taxi driving on the road without a passenger, and then you can wave it down.

The front desk of your hotel will be happy to call a taxi for you whenever you need one (let them know about 20 minutes before you are ready to go), or you can book a taxi for the next day at whatever time is most convenient to you. If you are using the taxi for an outing, you can certainly ask the driver to come back and take you "home" at a fixed time also. (By the way, if you order a taxi from a driver that you especially like, if that person is not available, they all have cellphones and they will call a friend to help out instead.) 

When you happen to be out somewhere on the island on foot, taxi drivers will not call out to you, as they do many places in the West Indies, but still, they usually will identify themselves to potential customers.

Should you take a taxi or not? That's your choice. They are a little expensive, but they are quite luxurious. 

Rental cars ("R" license plates) are also readily available from several places.  You will need the local driver's license, which costs about $20.00 in American money, and the vehicle rental rate will depend upon its size and age, and on the time of year you are renting it.  Polaris Rangers are handy if you are going to be off road much for hiking, or for adventure tours to some of the more remote beaches and historic ruins.  There are rental companies on the Island that will take you on a guided tour in an open air ranger if you wish. Parking is limited in Charlestown, the capital of Nevis, but parking is easy everywhere else, and free.  If you want an easy way to get around, go to the store or a restaurant, you can easily rent a vespa scooter, which makes parking downtown much easier. 

Nevis used to be a British island, so you have to drive on the left.  (The most dangerous drivers here are visitors from other countries who forget this important fact!)  If you are driving and see someone coming directly at you, stop!  If you are on the wrong side, they will tell you, and if they are on the wrong side, hopefully they will get back onto the right side!  

Should you rent a car?  Again, this is your decision. It is perhaps a good idea to take an island tour or some kind of trip in a ranger, so that you can see what the roads are like (and whether you are going to be comfortable with "British driving") before renting a car or scooter.  Do remember that although Nevis is small, interesting places to visit are scattered all over the island, as you can see on the map below.