This Caribbean destination has very little in the way of high-culture "Performing Arts": there is no opera, no theaters as yet, and not too much in the way of concerts.  Nevis is primarily a community-based culture, where people go to churches to hear gospel singing, and go to schools to see plays which star their children and friends. 

There is however a Nevis Theater Guild with its own writers and directors. 

A scene from The Burial of Miss Faithlyn

Although this is a small island, some performers here are extremely good, for example, there really are talented singers at some of the churches, and visitors are always welcome!  It's great for people who love 'that old time gospel music'.

There are occasional music concerts, usually associated with holidays such as Christmas and Culturama.  A lot of singers make up their own songs, which are usually based on something happening in the community. Thus, songs which satirize local politicians are quite popular, and the songwriters will also happily make fun of world leaders as well!  The style of these local songs is primarily either Reggae or Calypso.  These concerts start late, and often run until the wee hours of the morning.