Like many small Caribbean islands, Nevis does not really have American football or baseball, but there are nonetheless a lot of different sport activities available which enthusiasts can enjoy.

Most of the hotels have tennis courts; the Four Seasons has clay courts as well as paved ones. As for golf, there is of course the world-class Robert Trent Jones Golf Course (at the Four Seasons resort), but there is another small course dating from the 1960's at Jones Estate, and in addition a private homeowner put in a Pitch and Putt on his property to encourage visitors.  Neither of these last two are very serious, but both are fun.

The photo shows Grove Park cricket ground in Charlestown, with Nevis Peak in the background.

As for spectator sports, visitors are certainly always welcome to go to the community cricket pitches to watch the games. Cricket is a much-loved sport in the West Indies, and if you go along to watch, the players may quite likely try to convince you to join in with them!  The same applies to soccer and basketball.

Nevis is unusual in that it is one of the few places in the Caribbean which has a Racetrack with regularly scheduled horse races; these are very lively events which attract a lot of people. They are lots of fun to attend, and they feature high-quality horses.

There are also several other available activities, such as hiking: which ranges from the very easy rain forest hikes, through exploring hidden ruins and bat caves, all the way up to the very strenuous Nevis Peak climb. Three places on Nevis offer horseback riding, all with different views and trails.  Land-based people may also want to try mountain biking: the Mountain Biking Club even holds a Triathalon.

Water Sports people will find that even thought the beaches are not white powdered sand, still the coastline of Nevis provides good snorkelling, kayaking, windsurfing, scuba diving, and very good fishing. Strong experienced swimmers may want to try one of the Cross-Narrows Swims, which are held twice yearly, but if you do decide to try this challenging swim on your own, please hire a kayak to follow along in case you tire out.

As for nature activities, Nevis is very rich in nature. Over 130 kinds of birds can be found in various enviroments around the island, as well as over 60 species of butterflies, many of which can be seen on the hiking trips. Lovely tropical flowers adorn the landscape, not only at the hotels, botanical gardens and in resident's gardens, even in the villages, but there are a lot of very interesting wild flowers too, including 23 minute species of orchids, which are hidden up the mountainside in with the Heliconias.

  Hiking is Popular

Let's go and find some of those interesting flowers!